First I thought I would have a call and walk through from Eden. Or that is what I was told. Both my toilets going back on was an issue that should have been discussed. I am still without one toilet. The grout in one of the bathrooms is missing. It was a very stressful install.
Amy Gerbhardt
Although we set up area for tile cutting as agreed, it didn't fit for the workman; better coordination between entities. Also, lot of cleanup of tub afterwards, so IF it was due to dust from work, they should have put plastic down. IF they were emptying waste water, they should have rinsed it out. For the most part, we were satisfied with the work.
Ruth Bajema
The designer was prompt in providing samples an prepared with information at our first appointment and the project manager saw the work through.
Julie Iiams
seamless from beginning to end. Friendly service, excellent work!
Katy Pendergraft
I thought that Joy did a great job of winning my confidence and Jordan did a good job of keeping it. Dealing with someone like me, who doesn't know a lot about refinishing floors is not easy. Joy and Jordan were both patient, thorough and fair when working with me. They both at various times went out of their way to make sure that we would be happy with the final product. On the product side, I have to say the floors look great. Chris can be kind of a piece of work sometimes, but he knows what he's doing. And when our building manager contacted me about some wood dust in the halls, Chris had it cleaned immediately and thoroughly which I greatly appreciated. I also feel like in his own way, Chris knew what he was talking about and he was patient (in his own way) with me when I had questions about color etc. Definitely make it clear to people that you aren't spending a week on the sanding, staining, sealing process. I think when I expected your team to be in the unit for 5-7 days and I heard 48 hours I was immediately concerned and bugging Joy and Jordan. In the end I think the cost associated with the service was on the high end, but the floors do look great. Joy in particular went above and beyond to ensure that I was confident with the work being done. I'm able to score you an 8 because of the trust and confidence I had in her. And as I said Jordan stepped up at every turn to keep my confidence, and I appreciated it.
Ashley Craven
My four day tile installation took EIGHT days! We had made it clear that we were having to move out to facilitate the installation and were assured that it could be done. The scheduler said he would schedule it to start on a Wednesday after he confirmed that the contractor would work on a Saturday. Then he contacted me two days before that to say they would be there on Monday between 8:30 and 9. I reminded him of our conversation which he denied, and there was no proof because he had never sent a confirmation. It turned out the contractor would NOT work on Saturday, so it was delayed until the following week. In the meantime, they took up half our garage with their gear and materials during that entire time, cut tile in our garage without putting tarps or drop cloths on our motorcycles and other items stored there, got mortar on the walls and doors, urinated all over our toilet and bathroom floor, got mud, dirt, and mortar on our bathroom rug, they failed to move all the furniture back, and not once did they work a full 8 hour day. They would traipse in around 10 a.m. after saying they would be there by 9, and would be gone before we got home at 4:00p.m. They removed flooring into the closets in the hallway and didn't replace it, so there were gaps between the carpet and tile in both closets. Now there is STILL a gap in one closet because I didn't catch it before the carpet was installed. Completely unacceptable doesn't even BEGIN to describe our experience. The two stars are for the carpet guys, who were fast, clean, replaced all the furniture when they left, and even took care of one of the closets (the one I knew about at the time) that the tile guys had screwed up. If I was in customer service for Floor Coverings International, I would have offered to hire a house cleaner to come in and completely clean the house and garage at no charge. I also would have refunded part of the installation cost because the installers were completely unprofessional and the experience was so terrible.
Elizabeth Jacquot-Matt
I had a wonderful experience with Floor Coverings International. Everyone was very professional and the installers did a fantastic job. My floors are amazing. I will definitely be doing business with them again.
Erin Freeman
Ethan in sales came by our house to show the variety of floor options to best fit our home. Ethan’s experience, knowledge and understanding of our budget and timeline, relaxed fears of over costs and construction delays. We we’re truly comfortable from the start. Jordan the construction supervisor was prompt in contacting us regarding our floor purchase and worked with our time and schedule. The three person construction team were very professional, efficient and more importantly cleared up the area of additional debris at all times. Once installed we received follow up from both Ethan and Jordan to make sure we had satisfaction on our new hardwood floors. I highly recommend Floor Coverings International! Ethan and Jordan went above and beyond
Beth McLaughlin
Worst experience I ever had. Did not communicate with me and did not do the job they were supposed to do in a timely manner. I had to contact the CEO of the company to get my deposit back.
Jean Davis
Signed contract and paid deposit before we got a confirmation of work to be done August 7, 2018; it is now September 24, 2018, and we still have not had one person start work on our floors. We have had a delay in wood showing up and no one told us anything for weeks; we got new wood finally but it has sitting on our floor for about two weeks and we still do not even have the total amount of wood needed for the project. We have gotten promises to start and complete work for almost a month. We have to contact the project manager to get any type updates and communication at all but not one thing told to us has has been correct. Will never recommend this company.
Baumbouree, Stephanie & Brannon