Communication, ethics and reliability
Aileen Werner
The selection process and actual installation were great. I still have some residual concerns with communication during the process. The end result is beautiful and well done.
Ann Konrad
Have not finished the job.
Holly Edwards
Vacuum instead of sweeping
Minda Brand
Communication on scheduling, lakenof original flooring availability and material on site in a timely manner to keep on schedule wa very poor. If I didn’t follow up on things they would not have gotten done. A lit of last minute scrambling on the day of installation which prolonged the work beyond the estimated finish time.
Ann Konrad
Good professional help all the way
Frank Canepa
Great people, prodcts and fast turnaround time. The vinyl on my bathroom floor was coming up and after I picked my laminate they were quick to have it done, before any water damage affected the subflooring.
Steven Torres
Eden was great. She helped me choose a good quality carpet scheme. (I am practically colorblind, or at least design blind.) She advised me through the stressful process of renovating, and was very responsive when I had questions or concerns. Also, the carpet looks and feels great.
Chris Benz
Great sales gal and great installer.
Leslie Sawyer
The install date changed - they did not let me know. Because of a leaky toilet and tile that was not grouted they came back - fixed the toilet but did not have the grout to finish grouting. I called Richard - the installer twice, but did not get a reply. Some of the tile still has no grout.
Linda Scott