Ethan in sales came by our house to show the variety of floor options to best fit our home. Ethan’s experience, knowledge and understanding of our budget and timeline, relaxed fears of over costs and construction delays. We we’re truly comfortable from the start. Jordan the construction supervisor was prompt in contacting us regarding our floor purchase and worked with our time and schedule. The three person construction team were very professional, efficient and more importantly cleared up the area of additional debris at all times. Once installed we received follow up from both Ethan and Jordan to make sure we had satisfaction on our new hardwood floors. I highly recommend Floor Coverings International! Ethan and Jordan went above and beyond
Beth McLaughlin
Worst experience I ever had. Did not communicate with me and did not do the job they were supposed to do in a timely manner. I had to contact the CEO of the company to get my deposit back.
Jean Davis
Signed contract and paid deposit before we got a confirmation of work to be done August 7, 2018; it is now September 24, 2018, and we still have not had one person start work on our floors. We have had a delay in wood showing up and no one told us anything for weeks; we got new wood finally but it has sitting on our floor for about two weeks and we still do not even have the total amount of wood needed for the project. We have gotten promises to start and complete work for almost a month. We have to contact the project manager to get any type updates and communication at all but not one thing told to us has has been correct. Will never recommend this company.
Baumbouree, Stephanie & Brannon
I like your products but there seemed to be a miscommunication between the installers and project manager on what we wanted which became frustrating. No solutions were offered which was also frustrating. Eden was the best part of this experience very helpful and ended up being the person to talk to, to get things resolved.
Alyssa Myers
I like the laminate flooring and especially love the kitchen tile. Your customer service is outstanding when it came to helping with concerns and questions about the flooring and choosing the best colors and styles. I found that your company stands behind your products, installation and services which is very important when deciding on tackling such a large project.
Patricia Sowards
Mikel Kohn
Expectations for installation and coordination were not set well. It was a nice sales pitch up front and disappointed after.
Cynthia Hein
Worst service ever.
Julie & Wade McLaren
Communication, ethics and reliability
Aileen Werner
The selection process and actual installation were great. I still have some residual concerns with communication during the process. The end result is beautiful and well done.
Ann Konrad