Wood-Look Tile in Vancouver, WAFor Vancouver homeowners who want the warm look of hardwood without the maintenance, consider wood-look tile. Wood-look tile is a durable, water-resistant plank tile made from ceramic or porcelain. Due to our partnerships with national tile manufacturers such as Daltile, we offer a wide selection of wood-look tile options. Read on to see if this flooring style is right for you.

Style Options

Wood-look tile has several design features to consider when selecting the best style for your home.

  • Colors: Because wood-look tile is meant to look identical to hardwood, it comes with the same color variety. Colors range from white, taupe, beige, brown, and gray.
  • Shade Variety: Choose from a medium amount of variation between tiles to a considerable amount of variation in color and pattern between tiles.
  • Sizes: Plank tile comes in a standard size of 6×36 inches. But additional shapes and sizes exist for wood-look tile including 9×12, 12×24, 24×24, and 18×36 inch options.
  • Installation: For flooring applications, consider whether you want to use identical tile pieces or pieces that vary by size and width for a more random look. For wall applications, decide between horizontal or vertical placement. For further customization, consider using tile patterns such as herringbone.
  • Grout: Wood-look floors are still ultimately tiles, which require grout for installation, unlike true hardwood floors. In order to reinforce the illusion of solid hardwood, choose a grout that blends in with the coloring of the wood print.


Like other tile flooring, wood-look tile is relatively easy to clean. Simply sweep, vacuum, or mop regularly. Also, ceramic and porcelain materials hold up well to strong cleaning agents, making this a practical choice for moist environments like bathrooms. But when cleaning tile, don’t forget to also clean the grouting. Occasionally scrub the grout lines with a tile brush or toothbrush to effectively remove build up.

installing wood-look tile in Vancouver, WAInstallation

Depending on the quality of the print, wood-look tile can be so convincing that it even fools an untrained eye. However, it is important that professionals install this tile in order to ensure grout lines are properly concealed. Call the team at Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland to schedule a free, in-home estimate. We proudly serve the greater Vancouver WA, Portland OR area.

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