Travertine stone is an attractive and stylish natural flooring choice and it is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners in Vancouver. Exceedingly durable, travertine has been a common building material as far back as the Roman Empire. Notable buildings made from travertine include the ancient Colosseum in Rome and the more modern Sears Tower in Chicago. The strength and enduring quality of travertine makes it an great flooring choice. To help you decide if this stone is right for your home, our experts here at Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland have created this helpful guide to travertine.


Travertine Tile Vancouver FlooringColors & Styles

Travertine is a naturally occurring limestone that’s initially cut in large sections then into smaller blocks, slabs, and tiles. Principally imported from quarries in Italy and Turkey, travertine initially forms when minerals dissolve through ground water and travel into natural springs. The result of this formation process gives it a swirled and elegant look. Travertine’s color tends to range from ivory to light brown. The blended tones hide dirt and little blemishes easily, all while giving your home an elegant appeal. A special distinction of this stone is that it tends to be noticeably porous compared to others. A high-quality cut travertine will have tinier pores compared to mid-quality and low quality graded stones.


Travertine Tile VancouverInstallation

Travertine does very well in areas with high traffic like the kitchen, entryway, and living room. Beyond the floor, travertine works wonderfully in other areas of the home. Countertops, kitchen backsplashes, shower walls, and bathtub walls all benefit from the luxurious appearance of travertine. Since it’s incredibly tolerant to extreme temperature fluctuations, travertine is a fantastic selection for outdoor projects like patios and walkways.


Travertine Tile Vancouver FlooringMaintenance

Travertine tends to be softer and more permeable to liquids than other stones like granite or marble. Vancouver homeowners should take the step to apply a sealant to their travertine floors at least every 5 years. Since it is a variety of limestone, travertine is more susceptible to corrosion and discoloration. To prevent this, make sure not to use acidic or soapy cleaners on travertine. Likewise, acidic liquids like wine, lemon juice, and coffee can also deteriorate travertine. All you need to use to clean it is a damp mop or broom.


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