If you are in the process of reselling your home, you may be familiar with the belief that the most important rooms in your home are the kitchen and bathrooms. These are the rooms that potential buyers tend to want to be the most updated and will pay the most attention to. To increase the value of your home and make your house sell faster, consider some of these elegant tile designs in your kitchen and bathrooms.


Even if you are not reselling your home, these unique styles can offer a great way to take pride in your home and create a design or aesthetic all your own.


Unique Tile Style Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Use tile to give your bathrooms and kitchen a unique, dramatic, or classic look. Consider these design ideas to help spark your own creativity.


Bathroom Tile Flooring Design VancouverTile Ideas for Bathrooms

There are an endless variety of styles you could choose for your Vancouver bathroom. For instance, you could choose clear or colored glass times to give your space a translucent beauty that makes it feel larger and look as luxurious as a high-end spa. Speaking of spas, ceramic tiles can mimic the intricate grain and color variation of exotic wood species and transform your bathroom to feel like a sauna. While hardwood needs frequent treatment to stand up to excessive moisture, nonporous ceramic tile give you the look without the hassle, all at a fraction of the cost.


Kitchen Design Tile Flooring VancouverTile Ideas for Kitchens

One popular trend we see in many kitchens is to use the same style of tile for the floor, countertops, and backsplashes. This creates a very cohesive look that is also easy to clean, as you only need one maintenance routine for each section of your kitchen. However, the mixing of textures and colors can create a beautifully eclectic aesthetic, too. One tile material we love is stone. The natural option can offer everything warm and weathered looks to uniform and modern designs. Contact us to view samples of marble, granite, slate, travertine, and more!

One tip we recommend with almost every style is to choose larger styles for the floor. Not only will you be able to worry less about keeping the grout clean, but large tiles actually help to make your space feel more spacious and luxurious.


What to Know About Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

Above all else, keep in mind that your kitchen and bathroom floors will be exposed to more moisture than any other area of your home. Whether you choose a non-porous material like ceramic or porcelain, or choose to regularly treat your floors with a protective sealant, tiles can provide excellent durability in these areas of your home. We also recommend choosing honed finishes to prevent any accidents from occurring if floors become slippery.


Here at Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland, we love tile. There are so many options available to you that can transform your house into the home you’ve dreamed of. Schedule a design consultation today to view hundreds of samples and allow us to help find the perfect floor for you. We proudly serve the greater Vancouver and Portland areas.


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