Wood-look laminate is a great alternative to actual hardwood. If you’re a Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR homeowner looking for a stain-resistant, durable wood-look flooring, you’ve come to the right place. Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland has the information you need to help you through your next flooring project.

Wood-Look Laminate in Portland and Vancouver Floor Coverings International Vancouver

What is Wood-Look Laminate?

Laminate is a primarily wood-based product that is then covered by a decorative graphic and protective coating. Wood-look laminate is just laminate material that has been overlaid by an image of hardwood before having the final wear layer applied to the top. This process has advanced to now allow certain textures to also be applied to the laminate surface, creating flooring that looks and feels like the real thing.


Because wood-look laminate is still a wood-based material, it can warp when subjected to extreme moisture. Even though it is more resistant to water than regular hardwood, it will still contract if a laundry machine, dishwasher, or bathtub overflows. Barring incidents of flooding though, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are a great place to install wood-look laminate, as it will resist staining, denting, and scratching.

Maintaining Your Floor

To keep wood-look laminate looking its best, dry mop and sweep on a semi-regular basis. This will keep dirt and debris from accumulating, which can damage your floor over time. When dealing with spills or messes, be sure to only use a small amount of water and dry the area thoroughly when you are done.

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Whether you decide on wood-look laminate or another flooring option for your home, our experts are here to help you through the process. Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland proudly serves Vancouver WA, Portland OR, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to arrange your free, in-home design consultation!

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