Homeowners in Vancouver are always looking for the next-best addition. If you’re ready to start a new project that adds value, beauty, and durability to your house, consider investing in beautiful white oak hardwood floors. Allow the experts here at Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland tell you all about the benefits of white oak and get started today with a free design consultation!


White oak hardwood in VancouverDurability

When selecting stunning wood floors for their homes, red and white oak are by far the most popular. However, if you’re prioritizing durability, white oak is the way to go. White oak receives a Janka hardness score of 1360, which exceeds red oak’s score of 1290. The Janka score given to all wood species represents the amount of pressure in pounds that it takes to embed a small steel ball halfway into a solid piece of wood. A resilience against 1360 pounds means that your white oak floors are perfect for any high-trafficked area of your home and will look good as new for years to come. It’s also a great option for families with young kids or pets.


Water Resistance

White oak is a closed grain wood, which offers even more durability in your home. Unlike porous red oak, white oak will resist the absorption of water or moisture, and won’t warp with temperature change. This makes it a great choice for kitchens, entryways, and rooms adjacent to bathrooms where water damage is more likely to occur. However, no wood is impervious to accidents. Be sure to clean up spills immediately and we recommend finishing the wood with a durable sealant. This can be replaced every few years to ensure the longevity of your wood.


Variety of Shades

Another reason why we love white oak is that it fits in practically any home aesthetic. White oak hardwood is available in a variety of natural shades ranging from sandy, light hues to rich, dark browns. This means that whether you want a bright, farmhouse feel or a mature minimalist look, you can use white oak hardwood. Furthermore, its subtle graining makes it an easy wood to stain, as the color will absorb evenly. While you’ll likely be able to find a natural hue that fits with your home, the staining options with white oak are endless. Trendy homeowners opting for a bold look often choose gray or whitewashed stains, as it offers a cool and contemporary aesthetic.


Ready to get white oak hardwood in your home? Your local flooring team at Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland can help get you started! Learn more about the benefits of oak hardwood and schedule a consultation to view our wide selection of white oak, red oak, engineered hardwood, and more. Call today!


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