Portland hardwood flooringPrefinished flooring, some purists say, can never match the beauty of a site-finished hardwood floor. Others say prefinishing actually improves the final look because sanding and sealing each board individually in the factory increases the floor’s uniformity. Choosing between prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring for your Vancouver or Portland area home really comes down to each person’s preference and what you’re looking for in a floor. Here we’ll look specifically at prefinished wood to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Prefinished Techonology

Prefinished hardwood means the flooring was sanded, sealed, and finished in the factory setting and will show up to your home ready to install. There are many benefits to choosing this type of flooring over its alternative, unfinished hardwood, that is finished on site at your home. Prefinished floors often have a more uniform look to them because the factory finish ensures each plank receives the exact same process. Many people prefer this uniformity over a wood floor that has more visual variation. In addition to the look, manufacturers like Shaw Floors Inc. have made some incredible advances in prefinished technology. Integrating hard wearing elements like aluminum oxide, prefinished floors are made to be very durable and often come with 25 year plus warranties.

Convenience & Availability

It’s hard to ignore the convenience of prefinished flooring. Using wood flooring that has already been finished speeds up flooring installation process and limits the disruption to your family’s day-to-day life. It also avoids exposing your home to potentially harsh fumes present during the finishing process. Prefinished flooring is available in solid wood and engineered options, as well as almost any wood species you want. One downside to using prefinished hardwood is you aren’t able to closely match new floors to existing ones as well as you can when using unfinished hardwood.

If you’re looking for a beautiful hardwood solution with easy installation, prefinished flooring may be perfect for you. No matter whether you choose prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring for your Portland area home, the wood floors will increase both the value and visual appeal of your home. Get started in finding your new hardwood flooring by scheduling a free consultation with Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland today!

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