Birch hardwood has been a perennial favorite of homeowners for many reasons. It’s tough and durable, comparable to some of the strongest domestic styles, and has a unique look that is instantly recognizable. This is the magic recipe for the perfect hardwood floor: resistant to everyday wear and tear, while stylish enough for to add depth and interest to a room. The team here at Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland is very familiar with installing birch in residential and commercial spaces. Let’s take a look at why we recommend it so often.

Birch Hardwood Portland VancouverBirch Hardwoods Aesthetics

The most endearing quality of birch hardwood floors is that there are often many different hues all mixed together. The contrast of lighter and darker shades makes the wood popular for a wide variety of aesthetics. It can compliment your existing decor, whether you have a light mid-century modern home or darker modern design. There are light, creamy tans interspersed with medium browns and even rusty reds to warm up the whole look. Birch grain can be straight, looped, wavy, or knotted and will vary depending on the tree it was sourced from. We love the naturally unique look like birch offers, but if you want something uniform, talk to us about staining and high-grade options.

Durability and Maintenance

Hardwood used for flooring should be durable enough to stand up to your everyday household pressures like heavy foot traffic, tracked-in debris, and frequent cleaning. All woods are rated on the Janka scale and you’ll want to pay attention to this to know what style of hardwood to choose. Red oak, the most commonly used wood for homes has a score of 1260, which stands up to most superficial scratching or denting, but will acquire signs of wear or damage through the years. There are many types of birch used in homes, with three most commonly used in flooring. The important thing to note here is that each style has a different Janka score, so you should take this into consideration when choosing which one you want for your home.

Types of Birch

Sweet birch is the best for household flooring because it is the most durable of the three main varieties. It has a Janka score of 1470, which is great for a domestic wood. You can rest assured that your floor will resist all types of damage from heavy furniture, pet nails, and busy households. The wood is a richer brown with red tones, but the sapwood can lighten into a softer brown for a really classic wood feel.

Yellow birch is mainly pale yellow in color, which can open up your room, making it feel brighter and more spacious. Yellow birch’s heartwood is more red in color, but these hues work well together for a warm and welcoming tone in your home. Yellow birch is also comparable to Red Oak with a Janka score of 1260.

Paper birch isn’t used in flooring as commonly because it’s much softer than yellow and sweet birch. It has a Janka score of 910. For rooms that don’t get as much foot traffic, this can be a nice choice for its interesting colors and patterns.

The beauty and durability of Birch is worth every dollar and we can help find the perfect way to incorporate it into your home at whatever price point you are looking at. Get started with the expert team at Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland and request a free in-home design consultation! We proudly serve the greater Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas. Call us today!

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