When choosing a new flooring style for your home in Vancouver or Portland, you’ll want to select a material that will bring value, durability, and timeless style for you to enjoy for years to come. Here at Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland, we’ve noticed that homeowners love American beech. The uniform texture and closed grain offer many opportunities for accenting a room and building a larger aesthetic. Take a look at the qualities that make beech so desirable and contact us to view samples.



Beech Hardwood Flooring in Vancouver and Portland

American beech has a rating of 1300 on the Janka scale, which is good for a domestic hardwood. Red oak, the most popular hardwood for flooring, has a Janka rating of 1290 and famously resists scratches, denting, or damage in busy households. Beech is great for high-traffic areas of the home such as entryways, living rooms, and kitchens. However, if you choose to use beech in spill prone areas such as the kitchen, it is crucial that you maintain your floors well to avoid warping or staining.


The Aesthetic

The simple, bright, and warm look of beech hardwood makes it a perfect choice as more of a backdrop or foundational piece to design off of. The grains and color of the wood do not naturally draw too much attention, so it’s easy for homeowners to find complementary pieces of furniture or use different wood accents around a room. Current interior trends have embracing lighter flooring styles and beech works well with rustic, contemporary, or modern designs.



While American beech is quite durable, there are preventative steps to take to ensure your hardwood floors last for decades. Be sure to finish your wood with a protective sealant to prevent damage from moisture, movable furniture, and heavy foot traffic. We recommend placing pads underneath furniture to keep chairs and tables from scratching or gauging the wood. Also, a few well-placed rugs can help to alleviate the pressure on your floors. As with any hardwood, be sure to maintain a regular schedule of sweeping and dry mopping. Clean away spills as soon as you can, as American beech can stain if liquids are left to soak into the wood.


Ready to look at samples for your home? The team of experts at Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland can bring samples in different stains and finishes right to your door in a free in-home design consultation. We offer free estimates to the greater Vancouver and Portland area. Call us today!


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