Stair CarpetingIf you want to make some flooring changes to your Vancouver or Portland home but aren’t ready to commit to a lengthy and serious project, there are some smaller changes you can make that will have significant impacts. One of those changes is stair carpeting. Carpeting your stairs not only adds nice aesthetic qualities, but it adds safety features as well. Because the nature of it is relatively low effort but has a high impact, many homeowners choose to carpet their stairs.

Safety Features

One of the most appealing qualities of stair carpeting is the safety it adds to your home. Also known as a stair runner, stair carpeting adds padding and traction to one of the most dangerous areas of a home. If your stairs are covered with wood, tile, or other slippery materials, they are more likely to cause injury. This is especially true of households with young children or elderly residents. Carpeting decreases the likelihood of an injury caused by slipping and falling down the stairs.

Sound Dampening

Another great feature of a stair runner, one that is often overlooked, is it will significantly lessen the noise caused by footsteps. Stomping up and down between levels in the house can be an obnoxiously loud noise, especially if your stairs are located above another room. Carpet absorbs the noise caused by footsteps instead of allowing it to bounce and echo like it does on more solid surfaces. Adding carpet to your stairs will dampen the noise, which will ultimately create a quieter home.

Floor Coverings International is Here to Help!

Here at Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland, we know home improvement projects can be intimidating. That’s why we make it easy, starting with a free in-home estimate and design consultation. We are with you through every step of the process. We’re a locally owned company offering a wide selection of quality flooring products to the Vancouver WA, Portland OR areas. If you have questions or think you’re ready to start the process of installing stair carpeting in your home, call us today!


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