If you’re considering a new carpet in your Vancouver or Portland home, it’s worth looking into Berber. This time-honored carpet style is timeless, stress-free and affordable and has become a commonplace in living rooms, dens and bedrooms across the country. However, before you commit to any flooring project in your home, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons you can expect. The team at Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland is happy to help you get acquainted with the qualities homeowners love and struggle with in their berber carpets. Let’s take a look so you can make an informed choice for your home in the greater Vancouver/Portland area.


Berber Carpet Vancouver Portland

Pro: Berber Complements Existing Décor

If you’re looking for a carpet that will play up the decor of a room without overwhelming it, berber is an excellent choice. It lies flat on the floor, so it doesn’t call attention like plush carpets with thick pile. It comes in a variety of neutral colors as well, and so pairs prettily with a range of color schemes or interior aesthetics. However, don’t go thinking it’s a boring choice – the wide variety of solid and multicolor styles allow you to add personality and charm to your home.

Pro: Berber Feels Nice

Although it is usually made of nylon, Berber feels thick and comfy as wool, so is a nice carpet for walking on in bare feet. Berber is a perfect choice for living rooms where family members and guests are likely to kick off their shoes and relax.

Con: Berber Can Snag

Berber is made by looping strands downward instead of upward. The result is a tight inward knit and a flat top, rather than fibers that are looped upward and trimmed. While this has advantages, snags do show. As mentioned before, berber comes in multicolored styles and the variegated looks can cover up any flaws quite well.

Pro: Berber Is Great for All Surfaces

Berber works well in a variety of rooms and even on stairs. Berber is slightly more textured than plush or frieze carpets, which offers the traction you need underfoot on the stairs and keeps you safe. If you want a carpet that can wrap around stairs without showing its backing, Berber is great.

Pro: Berber Is Very Hard to Stain

Because of its tight weave and synthetic fibers, Berber carpet repels liquids and other substances. Spills usually bead on the surface without penetrating through the fibers, which means you can blot them up fairly easily. As with any carpet, don’t let liquids sit as they can slowly absorb into the fibers.

Con: Berber Is Not Easy to Clean at Home

While it resists stains quite well, if you do get a stubborn stain, you usually need professional help to get it out. Steam cleaning doesn’t work that well because stains are trapped under its tight weave, so you’ll need more expensive dry cleaning. In order to keep your carpets looking fresh year after year, we recommend a regular deep clean every 18-24 months.


At the end of the day, Berber carpet flooring is one of the best choices for a long-lasting, durable and attractive floor covering. If you’d still like to learn more about Berber and whether it will work for you, we invite you to get in touch and ask questions today. We proudly serve the greater Vancouver/Portland area and can get you started with a complementary in-home design consultation and estimate. Call us today!

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Photo Credit: © David Hughes