Whether its carpet, hardwood, or tile, whatever flooring material you choose for your home should be installed by professionals. Do-it-yourself projects may seem simple at first, but you usually end up doing more work and end up with a lower quality end result. Floor Coverings International has professional installers for Portland floor installation to provide superb results.

Consider the benefits of Portland floor installation:

– Floors are measured and cut accurately, then laid properly and professionally.

– Installation is completed in a timely manner so your lifestyle is not upended.

You’ll be glad experts took care installing flooring for your home in Portland. Floor installation matters just as much as the materials themselves. Our high quality materials and experienced installers ensure the workmanship on your project is of the highest quality.

When you shop with Floor Coverings International, there will be no hassles with your Portland flooring installation. Once you choose the flooring you wish to have installed, we will schedule an appointment at your convenience.

The stress of floor installation should be left to the professionals. You can rely on the hardwoods being installed without gaps, the carpet being laid properly, and the tile being evenly distributed with straight grout lines. With Floor Coverings International, your floor installation will be nothing short of superb, and done in a timely fashion.

We make flooring installation in Portland easy. You just need to focus on the flooring you want and we’ll ensure that your home looks sensational before our crews leave your house.

Contact Floor Coverings International today to schedule a free in-home consultation.