Imagine the serene look of a bamboo floor covering every inch of the inside of your home. In Portland, bamboo flooring has quickly become one of the most popular trends in interior design because it is elegant and eco-friendly.

Many in Portland use bamboo floor as a “green” alternative to a hardwood floor because bamboo is incredibly fast growing, therefore it doesn’t have as much environmental impact as hardwoods.

Floor Coverings International can show you the many benefits of bamboo flooring, including how easy it is to care for, its durability as well as its ability to resist moisture. Bamboo is all natural and comes in an array of colors that can coordinate splendidly with your home.

If you don’t recycle or know anything about how to reduce your carbon footprint, there is still something that you can do for the environment. That’s buying a bamboo floor in Portland. Bamboo’s sustainability will impress even those who focus entirely on living a green lifestyle. It will be a wonderful step in the right direction for the planet and help your home look unique as well.

In Portland, bamboo flooring in your home gives a welcoming feel to every room it goes into. It’s strong enough to go in the living room where the most traffic is and easily cleanable so that it can be placed inside kitchens and bathrooms, too.

Many people have still never heard of bamboo flooring as an option, so you may be surprised at just how great it will look in your home. It’s the best kept secret of the design industry, and Floor Coverings International serving Portland can help you find out just what you’ve been missing over the past few years.

If you’re looking for a floor that is all natural but you’re not sure about hardwood floors, let us show you just how much a bamboo floor can benefit your home. The only difference is that it is more affordable and there are not as many marks such as knots and other markings like you see in wood.

There are a number of ways in Portland bamboo flooring can be integrated into your home. Whether you choose a light color or a dark color, you can amaze friends and family by telling them you chose bamboo over hardwood.

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