It takes a special kind of flooring to be able to withstand all of the running around, playing, and
inevitable spills and stains that will happen in a child’s room. You want something durable, easy to
clean, but still fun and colorful enough to match your kids’ room décor. Here are some long-lasting
and attractive floors that would be a great fit in a child’s bedroom or playroom.

Area rugs: If you want to keep your kid’s room softer and warmer underfoot, carpet is the best and
most obvious choice. However, you don’t want to deal with the worry and hassle of frequent carpet
stains from all the crayons, paint, and mud that come with having children playing and running
through the house. One solution to this problem would be to use several small area rugs in the
room. Choose area rugs that you are fine with getting dirty, and make it fun. If the carpet is white or
another neutral color, use area rugs that are brightly colored and in fun geometric shapes. This will
give the floors in your kid’s room a unique and playful look.

Foam tiles: Laminate, a more cost-effective and lower maintenance alternative to
hardwood, is another good choice for a child’s bedroom floor. Just make sure to include some area
rugs with this flooring to make it more comfortable to sit on. Laminate is very durable and if it is
sealed well it will be resilient against scuffs, scratches, and dents. It’s also simple to clean, making it
an excellent idea for holding up under kids’ wear and tear.

Vinyl flooring: Vinyl flooring is another smart selection for a child’s bedroom and/or playroom.
Vinyl can come in tiles or sheets, and it is exceptionally easy to install, especially on flatter surfaces.
It takes the appearance of tile, hardwood/laminate, and even stone. Luckily, though, it fits well in
a child’s room because it feels softer and cushier underfoot than the flooring types it looks like. So,
you can get the look of tile or laminate without the hardness or discomfort for sitting and bare feet.
It’s also easy to clean with regular mopping and sweeping, in addition to being resistant to stains.

All of these flooring types are great for a kid’s playroom or bedroom for a few important reasons:
they aren’t difficult to clean or maintain, they can come in bright colors to match children’s décor,
and they are or can be modified to be comfortable for sitting or walking with bare feet.