Wood Flooring Energy Efficiency Vancouver and PortlandWood is a naturally energy efficient product, which makes wood floors a great choice for Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon homes where we see our fair share of weather. Wood flooring’s energy efficiency means the floors help keep buildings warmer in winter and cooler during the hotter months of the year. However, the energy efficiency of wood floors depends on several factors: the type of wood, the thickness of wood, the installation quality, and the quality of the sub-floor. At Floor Coverings International Vancouver, we want you to be well versed in all of wood flooring’s energy efficient properties so you can make the most informed flooring choice for your home.

Wood Flooring and Energy Transfer

Heat, which is a type of energy, has a hard time penetrating most woods. Hardwoods offer an even tougher surface that absorbs heat well, which is why hardwood flooring is a perfect choice for energy efficient flooring. Hardwoods help to keep heat inside the home during the cold months and keep the outside summer heat from entering the home when the seasons change.

Obtaining the Most Energy Efficiency from Hardwood Floors

Since hardwood is already good at containing heat in winter or blocking heat in summer, it often surprises people that you can boost the energy efficiency of hardwood floors even more. The focus, in this case, is on construction standards. One of the causes of the largest energy loss occurs during the installation process and stems from problems of fit.

While it’s fairly easy to fit two boards next to each other, hardwood dries out and shrinks. When shrinkage occurs, gaps appear between the boards and heat or cold can seep into the structure or between one floorboard and the next. In multilevel properties, heat rises through poorly installed floors and into the next level of the structure. Working with a company like Floor Coverings International Vancouver that understands how wood floors expand and contract helps to eliminate gaps between floor boards and improve energy efficiency.

The final component of hardwood’s energy efficiency is its subflooring. Good sub-flooring is sturdy, well made, and installed with care. Poor sub-flooring causes creaking noises, gaps between flooring, and may even cause hardwood flooring to warp.

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