Cork Flooring

Cork flooring was a popular choice for playrooms and children’s bedrooms in 2015, but here at Floor Coverings International of Vancouver and Portland, we don’t think its benefits should stop there.

This month, we’re shining a spotlight on the reasons why cork is a perfect fit for family rooms. Read on to learn more about this innovative flooring type and find out if its benefits are right for your home.

What is cork flooring?

When most of us hear the word “cork,” our minds jump to Washington reds or whites. The association isn’t wrong! Cork flooring comes from the same cork trees famous for their use in preserving wines. Since cork floors are also made of cork tree’s bark, they’re incredibly eco-friendly and a great choice for families interested in lowering their environmental impact.

Why is cork a fit for a family room floor?

Cork floors offer numerous benefits that have made them popular in playrooms and bedrooms, but we think it’s time to bring those perks to the family room of your home.

Soft surface: Cork floor offers a soft surface that’s perfect for absorbing sounds or a child’s fall. The goal of a family room is to provide a space for everyone to feel their best, and a cork floor will help you rest assured that your children can play safely and your family can laugh loudly.

Durable: Cork trees themselves can live up to 500 years; while we don’t recommend banking on your flooring for quite that long, adding cork to your home does mean that you’re investing in a floor that will last. Cork’s spongy feel means that it can handle the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic better than other options, and as an added plus, cork is naturally resistant to mold and mildew.

Easy to clean: While you do need to guard against spills and stains on your cork floor, all its surface needs to stay in showroom ready shape is a quick dust or damp/dry mop. 

Does cork flooring have any drawbacks?

Light sensitivity: Cork floors are more sensitive to light than other flooring types. If your family room gets lots of gorgeous natural light, it might be a good idea to consider a different flooring type.

Vulnerable to sharp edges: Cork flooring is soft, so it can be vulnerable to sharp edges. If you have lots of pets with sharp claws, or if you don’t often use pads for your furniture, cork flooring might not be a good fit for your family room.

Ready to make the switch to cork? Your Vancouver, Washington flooring experts at Floor Coverings International are here to help. We thrive on helping families find the right flooring for them. Call us today to schedule your free, in-home, consultation!

Photo: Iriana Shiyan