Cork Flooring - ©Iriana Shiyan

Here in Vancouver and Portland, and in the Pacific Northwest in general, going green, being eco-friendly, using natural resources, and living sustainable lifestyles are all high priorities for us. That’s why so many of our clients here at Floor Coverings International tend to choose green building materials, such as bamboo or cork flooring, or natural fiber carpets. But these natural materials can sometimes require a little extra care. We want you to get the most use and the longest lifespans out of your flooring choices, so here are our expert tips when if comes to cleaning your cork floors.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Spills and stains are nearly inevitable in most homes. From pet accidents to kid clumsiness, we understand that these things happen. What’s most important when it comes to your cork floors though, is to clean any spills up immediately, before they have a chance to set in and stain your floors.

Damp Mop, Don’t Wet Mop

While you’ll be fine to soak your ceramic tile floors with water when you give them a deep clean, cork is more similar to hardwood in this regard. You don’t want to introduce too much moisture to cork or else it will warp and expand. Rather, choose to get a mop just barely damp and then use that to clean up your floors.

Sweep Regularly

Cork flooring is naturally resilient, and it’s surface is soft, rather than hard, and this means that it is particularly sensitive to dust and grit that builds up over time. These irritants can end up acting abrasive like sandpaper and scratch the surfaces of your cork floors. This can be easily avoided though, simply by regularly sweeping your cork.

Use Cork Cleaners

When it comes time to deep clean your cork flooring, opt for cleaners that are specifically made to be used on cork, this will ensure that no damage comes to your floors. Even with these specialty cleaners, make sure to spot test them in an inconspicuous area to make sure that they won’t stain your floors. Try to avoid any cleaners that are abrasive or ammonia-based as well.

To learn more about cork flooring and the other eco-friendly options available from Floor Coverings International of Vancouver and Portland, give us a call today!