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Most of us don’t naturally think of rubber flooring as an option for domestic use, but this versatile, durable, and dare we say, stylish flooring type is having a renaissance across the United States and Canada. The local experts at Floor Coverings International of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR want to make sure you’re in the know about how to incorporate rubber into your home, so we’ve compiled a list of our top five rooms to feature rubber flooring. Read on to find out how to make rubber floors work in your Vancouver or Portland home!

  1. Basements—Whether you use your basement as a workshop, a home gym, or a storage room, adding a rubber floor gives your surface the durability it needs.   Unlike popular basement flooring options like cement, though, adding rubber to your basement floor doesn’t sacrifice comfort. Rubber’s soft, absorbent, surface makes it a perfect choice for any basement that calls for movement.
  1. Bathrooms—Rubber is incredibly slip resistant, which makes it a nice fit for your bathroom floors. Not only will your rubber floor stay mold and mildew free, but it will help protect you and your family from slips and falls.
  1. Laundry rooms— Rubber floors are soft underfoot, so they fit well into any room that finds you on your feet. Adding rubber flooring to your laundry protects your body as you do your chores, and it also lightens the rest of your cleaning load—rubber’s stain resistant surface makes it easier to remove any detergent spills that happen during your laundry days from your floor.
  1. Home offices— Rubber might seem like a surprising choice for your home office floor, but one of the best properties of this flooring type is its ability to stifle sound. If your office is your retreat within your busy home, adding a rubber floor can help keep it peaceful and productive.
  1. Playrooms—We saved the best for last! Soft, noise absorbing, stain resistant rubber flooring should be your first choice for a playroom floor. Your children will love rubber’s softness and bounce, and you’ll love knowing that they’re less likely to suffer scrapes and bruises from your floor’s surface. Rubber’s stain resistance is just another perk that makes it a fantastic playroom selection.

Ready to learn how to add rubber flooring to your home? Call the experts at Floor Coverings International of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR today! We’re proud to offer free, in-home, consultations and estimates to help make all of your flooring dreams come true.


Photo: Ilia Kaziev