shutterstock_148356587Carpet padding is an essential aspect of your wall-to-wall carpeting. Many people overlook this vital part of a flooring remodel, but carpet padding can drastically extend the lifespans of your carpet floors. In fact, here at Floor Coverings International of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR, we believe that your carpet padding choice is just as important as the choice of your new carpet. Here are all of the reasons why you should make carpet padding a priority!

Soft on Your Soles

One of the simplest and clearest ways in which carpet padding benefits you, is that it makes your carpets and floors softer underfoot. A simple carpet on a subfloor, with no carpet padding, makes for hard and uncomfortable flooring. If you’re installing carpeting, you want floors that are soft, cozy, and warm. You’re unlikely to achieve this without carpet padding, though. The padding underneath your carpet makes your floors feel richer and thicker. This is great for kid’s rooms or playrooms, where the extra padding will cushion small falls.

Insulation Sensation

Carpet padding helps to make your home warmer and quieter, as well as cozier. A good quality carpet pad will ensure that you save on your energy bill, as the extra thermal insulation prevents drafts seeping up from the subfloor and helps to get you through the winter. Carpet padding also muffles sounds, so having an excellent, dense carpet pad in your bedroom will help to give you nights of peaceful sleep.

Easy Cleaning

Believe it or not, carpet padding will actually help you to maintain your carpets. Carpeting with proper padding is easier to clean, and easier to keep clean. Carpet padding allows for greater airflow, and easier removal of dirt while vacuuming. This means that your house will be cleaner, and you’ll have an easier time eliminating allergens so your air quality will stay high.

Abuse Absorption

While many people may think that the primary reason to install carpet padding is for the first reason mentioned—that it makes your carpet floors softer—the most important reason to install carpet pad is actually that it increases the overall lifespan of your floors, by absorbing the abuse of everyday use that would otherwise wear on the carpets themselves. Normal wear and traffic, without carpet padding, causes the backing of the carpet to rub against the sub floor and become abraded and damaged. The backing will stretch and separate in a process known as delamination, and the shocks from above, both foot traffic and the weight of heavy furniture, will have nothing to absorb the wear of their pressure. In fact, it’s been shown that carpets without padding lose almost 10% more of their pile height than carpets with appropriate padding.

If you’re hoping to install wall-to-wall carpeting in your home, call the experts at Floor Coverings International of Vancouver and Portland today!

Photo: Virunja