When it comes to choosing flooring for your home, some of the first places that people consider are what floors they want for feature rooms such as living rooms and dining rooms, or commonly used rooms such as kitchens or bedrooms. But when it comes to flooring your home, you need to take every room into account, and it’s important to be deliberate in your flooring choices, even in areas that might not immediately come to mind. One such part of your house is your stairway. The floors that you choose to install in your stairway will drastically affect the look and feel of that important channel between the upstairs and downstairs. Here are Floor Coverings International of Vancouver and Portland’s picks for the best stairway flooring options!

Hardwood flooring

The classic option for stairs, hardwood will look timeless and elegant in your stairway, while adding resale value to your home. Hardwood is low maintenance, so you don’t need to worry about the hassle of trying to vacuum a staircase. There are many different species and styles of hardwood, from the classic northern red oak, to more exotic dark woods like teak or Brazilian walnut, so no matter what you’ll be able to find a hardwood style that works with your décor. One thing to keep in mind though, is that hardwood flooring can be slippery underfoot, so if you have children or older people around, they might not be the safest option.

Carpeting and Carpet Runners

Carpet and carpet runners are a much softer and safer option than traditional hardwoods, so they’re great for families. Fully carpeted stairs provide great coverage, while carpet runners also have an elegant decorative look. There won’t be risks of slipping and falling, and if there are falls, you can know that the surface of the stairs is cushioned in order to protect your family. Carpeting also tends to be a slightly more budget friendly option, but remember that vacuuming stairs can be a bit of a hassle!


Tile is another option for stairway floor covering that many people enjoy, although it has the same risks as hardwood when it comes to slips and falls, and ceramic tile tends to be even harder than hardwood, so that’ll be an important consideration. On the other hand, tile is a versatile and durable option that is incredibly easy to maintain and will suit certain décor styles especially well.

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Photo by Unsplash, used under Public Domain through Creative Commons License Zero (CC0 1.0).