Unless you recently bought or sold your house, it’s unlikely that you’ve thought about your patio floors for a while. Most of us either ignore or forget our patio flooring once we find something that’s acceptably durable and able to withstand the weather. However, what about those warmer months when we want to entertain outdoors? Should we be confined to unattractive yet durable patio floors? The answer is no! There are plenty of sturdy, stylish, and interesting patio floors on the market today. Below, we have provided some of our suggestions for spicing up your patio flooring without compromising durability.

Concrete: First of all, get rid of any notion you might have as concrete being uniformly grey, ugly, and used on sidewalks and in warehouses. Many patios are outfitted in that drab style of concrete because it was the only option at the time or home designers didn’t feel believe there were attractive outdoor flooring choices out there. That was the concrete flooring of the past, but in today’s market concrete floors come in a wide spread of styles. With most concrete flooring today, no one will be able to tell that it is concrete if you don’t want them to. It usually looks more like tile or stone. Concrete typically comes in either sheets or pavers; both are extremely durable, but pavers are quite convenient because if one gets damage you can simply remove it and replace it.

Brick: Brick is another flooring type that comes with a lot of misconceptions about its level of attractiveness. Brick doesn’t have to be boring or always maroon; nowadays brick can come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Herringbone prints are very popular with brick floors on patios. The pattern is simple and so is the brick material, but it also looks quite elegant. Also, traditional red brick isn’t all bad, especially when it comes to outdoor spaces. The red will make your green spaces and plants really pop. Not to mention, it’s considerably difficult to damage brick to the point that the harm is noticeable at all.

Tile and stone: For people that are interested in making their patios pretty, tile and stone are the most common choices. Known for their durability and capacity for customization, stone and tile are the most popular choices for outdoor spaces today. Tile is an excellent choice if you want a truly unique look for your patio that is adapted to your personal aesthetic. Since it comes in practically countless shapes, sizes, and colors, tile can be arranged in any sort of pattern you could envision. Stone and tile are also super sturdy, and since they usually come in pavers you can remove and replace anything that gets cracked or chipped.

Basically, you don’t have to toss out your style preferences and the possibility of having an attractive patio just so that it can be durable. There are several flooring types out there that are sturdy enough to be installed outdoors, but stylish enough to make your patio a great place to entertain.