Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comGoing green is the new trend with homebuilders and homebuyers these days. People here in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR in particular are known for their commitment to the environment and living sustainably, just look at all our bikers! When it comes to eco-friendly flooring options, the two that immediately come to mind for most people are bamboo and cork. And with good reason, these are both excellent flooring options! But recently there’s been a growing interest in green carpeting, and that leads us to natural fiber carpets and rugs. The materials for these carpets can range from anything such as wool to agave leaves, but two very popular materials are Jute and Seagrass. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Jute vs. Seagrass carpets and rugs, from Floor Coverings International of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR.


Most natural fiber carpets and rugs feature a distinctly natural look. They are often woven from strands of undyed natural fiber and are fairly similar looking across the board. There are some significant differences though. Jute is smooth and tends to be slightly darker and browner. The texture is soft and similar to wool. Seagrass is slightly lighter and can show tints of light green sometimes. It is very smooth, and almost slippery, so it should be used on stairs.


Both these rugs will last a fair amount of time, although perhaps not as long as some options like sisal. Seagrass tends to be very durable, and while jute is fine for bedrooms, it’s not idea for high traffic areas. Formal living rooms though would be perfect for both carpet options.


These natural carpet options are both fairly budget friendly, coming in less pricey than their popular cousin sisal. Jute in particular is a very easy on the wallet.


Both of these carpeting options require minimal maintenance. Regular vacuuming should be more than enough to keep your jute and seagrass carpets and rugs looking good as new. One important thing to keep in mind though, is that natural fiber rugs should never be steam cleaned or wet shampooed, so if you’re worried about being able to deep clean them, this might be something for you to consider.

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