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Adding a stair runner, or carpet runner, as they’re also known, to your home is a small renovation project that packs a big punch. A good stair runner will absorb sound, keep your little ones safer, and add a decorative touch to your home that brings out the best in the space.

How can you choose the stair runner that works best for your family, though, when there are so many options on the market? Your Floor Coverings International Vancouver and Portland team is here to help!

Finding the right stair runner doesn’t need to be stressful; read on to learn some of our favorite tips for picking a carpet runner that works for your space.

  1. Balance form and function:

Think deeply as you start your search about what you want your stair runner’s main “job” to be in your home. Are you searching for something to complement and enhance your design? Are you a new mother who wants to feel confident walking downstairs with a baby in your arms? Some carpeting options will offer more design choices while others will offer more grip for your flooring. Going into your search with a clear plan of action will help you make the best selection for your home.

  1. Consider contrast:

Some of our favorite carpet runners embrace a bold color scheme. Using your stair runner to add a boost of color or a unique pattern to your home is a great way for more conservative decorators to experiment with their interior design. And, if the bolder choice doesn’t work perfectly for your family, a carpet runner is also much easier to replace than full flooring.

  1. Explore samples:

Your local Floor Coverings International team here in Washington wants you to love your flooring, and one fantastic benefit of taking time to select your stair runner is how many samples are available. Don’t be shy about trying out a carpet runner before you commit. By taking home a few samples first, you can make a choice for your family that makes you happy for years to come.

Interested in more expert tips to help find the best floor for your family? Your Vancouver, Washington flooring experts at Floor Coverings International strive to help you make the best flooring selections possible. Call us today to schedule your free, in-home, consultation!


Source: David Papazian