Tile Flooring2 - ©Darryl BrooksTile flooring has been a popular choice for centuries, and is still a strong flooring option for homeowners. Tile has been used as a flooring material for thousands of years, though. At Floor Coverings International of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR, we value the use of tile flooring, and want to give you a bit of history to understand and appreciate its origins.

You may be aware that pottery originates from in China, and is estimated to have been invented around 20,000 BC. Tile flooring is closely connected to pottery, because most tiles are made from ceramic clay. The Chinese developed ceramic pottery and tiles from white porcelain and painted stunning images on the tiles. This style of ceramic pottery was then popularized and spread throughout the world by Persian traders.

The Ancient Egyptians, are most recognized for their pyramid architecture, and frequently incorporated stone and ceramic tile flooring into their impressive structures. The earlier forms of Egyptian tile were created from ceramic clay that was left to bake in the hot sun. As the process became more industrialized and sophisticated, they moved on to kiln firing the tiles. Some historians even believe the Egyptians may have been the first to develop the method kiln firing pottery. As with the Chinese, Egyptian ceramic practices were popularized and spread by nomadic Persian traders, and kiln firing spread throughout the ancient world.

The people of Ancient Greece took the design of their tile floors to new heights, with the development of elaborate mosaic floors used in homes and temples throughout the Mediterranean. The Greeks used stones to create not only patterns and designs in their floors, but also images of the gods or the families who funded the artwork. Stone materials such as marble and travertine were common, but ceramic pottery was used as well. Many of these mosaic tile floors can still be seen today, and some are still being discovered and excavated even now, serving as a testament to the durability of tile flooring!

At Floor Coverings International of Vancouver and Portland, we pride ourselves on not only knowing which type of flooring will be best for you and your home, but the background of each kind as well. Call us today to schedule a free in-home consultation and learn more about tile flooring or flooring in general! Our experts will jump at the chance to help you with any and all of your flooring needs!


Photo Credit: Darryl Brooks