Carpet is a flooring favorite in the Vancouver, WA area. It has served as a go-to for many families over the years because of its durability, design versatility, and comfortable feel. As carpets and area rugs have evolved and improved with the development of new flooring technology, more and more people have started utilizing carpet in new ways. If you’re thinking of installing new carpeting in your home, read on to learn some tips from Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland on how to get creative with your carpet floors.

Go Bold

vancouver carpetNot so long ago, the norm was to use neutral beige carpets as a backdrop for the rest of a home’s décor. However, today there are more carpet styles, patterns, textures, and colors available than ever before, which makes now a great time to think outside the box. If blue carpet sounds like a crazy idea, maybe you should reconsider. Paired with the right furniture and neutral walls, bolder carpet colors can become a beautiful focal point. On the other hand, if you’re more a fan of colorful walls rather than colorful floors, switch them around. Pairing a neutral carpet color with bold walls can have a similar effect.

Play with Texture

Colors aren’t the only way to make a statement in your Vancouver home. Another great way to get creative with your carpet is to incorporate texture. Carpets made with multi-level loops can create interesting visual patterns and give a space more depth. If you prefer a cut-pile carpet, frieze is a standard but popular carpet that’s also very durable. The tightly twisted fibers curl over, giving the floor a textured look. Some frieze varieties incorporate multi-colored flecks mixed in with the fibers, which can add even more intrigue. For maximum texture, look for carpet styles that incorporate both loop pile and cut pile.

Compromise with Area Rugs

vancouver carpeting and area rugsIf you aren’t quite ready to make the leap into “extreme” carpet styles, that’s okay. You can always compromise with a creative area rug! Rugs are great ways to add interesting colors and patterns to your floors without actually installing new carpeting. Almost any texture, color, or pattern you could want is available in the form of an area rug. Create a smaller, more subdued focal point by adding an intriguing area rug to your space. The plus side of this method is you can always move it around or switch it out with another if you don’t love it. Rugs aren’t permanent.


If you are ready to get started in the search for your perfect carpets or area rugs, we are here to help! Call Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland today and schedule a free in-home design consultation.


Photos: © Artazum