Homeowners in the greater Vancouver and Portland areas are quite diverse in the way they design their living spaces. While some prefer a more expansive, luxury modern home, others carefully curate the perfectly cozy space. Here at franchise_location_name], we think both ends of the spectrum are great. However today we are focusing on those tight, cozy spaces and the techniques for homeowners to make small rooms feel more comfortable.


Carpet VancouverCurtains

Curtains are an essential addition to cozy up your space. While most commonly used around windows, you can also consider adding some elegant lightweight curtains around your bed. Instantly transform your bed into an enclosed center of private comfort with surrounding curtains. For an extra special touch, consider a custom area rug that complements the color, pattern, or texture of your curtains to tie the whole space together. Your bed will become a sanctuary of relaxation to come home to every day.


Not every home as the luxury of a quiet nook, but if you have one then be sure to take advantage of it! Color-coordinated cushions and a soft blanket can turn an empty space into an inviting corner for you to read books and relax. Additionally, you can have a window installed into the back wall of the nook. Rounded windows are a bold stylistic choice, but there is something very relaxing about an adjacent round window as you lounge in your nook on a rainy day.

Area Rugs VancouverLighting

Lighting can really make or break how cozy and inviting your home is and should be prioritized during your design stage. For a comforting, yet effective source of visibility, try some decorative string lights around the room. The lower intensity of string lights creates not only a more relaxed atmosphere, but a decorative, charming glow. If you have dark floors, bright yet natural lighting is especially important. Dark floors gives the illusion of shrinking your space and making homes feel cramped. The right lighting will keep your home feeling spacious.


We know that Vancouver homeowners love good old-fashioned hardwood planks. They are a timeless and valuable flooring style that complement a variety of interior aesthetics. However, nothing is cozier than soft carpet. Be it area rugs or wall-to-wall, carpets provide warmth and comfort underfoot that can help you relax and unwind at home. Light colored carpets can help rooms look and feel bigger and can turn a tight space into a cozy nook. We carry a nearly endless supply of carpet with any fiber, color, texture, and size you could want. Get in touch with us today to view samples!


We’re ready to help you create your custom living space. For cozy carpet questions and other flooring inquiries, schedule a free in-home design consultation. Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland is your local flooring expert for Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas!

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