water damaged carpets Vancouver, WA

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s no secret that we get a lot of rain. Excessive moisture can take its toll on the home, especially in areas prone to flooding. Heavy rains can cause flooding – both inside and outside of the home. When water enters a Vancouver or Portland home, it has the potential to do a great deal of damage, whether it’s leaking into the basement or coming in underneath a door on the ground level. Often times, it’s the floors that are most impacted by this water. Here we’ll take a closer look at what to do when your carpet comes into contact with water.

What to Do

If the water intrusion is minor, there’s a good chance the carpet can be salvaged by using a wet/dry shop vacuum to remove the moisture. Following removal, it’s important to get the carpet dry to prevent mold growth. This is best done with fans and dehumidifiers. It’s also never a bad idea to rent a steam cleaner (or hire a professional cleaner) to clean the carpet after it’s dried, as this helps sanitize the carpeting.

Call a Professional

For more significant flooding, we highly recommend calling a professional carpet cleaner that also handles water damage restoration. That’s because water damage from rain is considered a Category 2 loss, meaning the water has the potential to cause illness if not dealt with by a trained professional who is better able to assess the situation. From there, a decision can be made as to whether the water can be extracted and the carpeting can be salvaged, dried, and sanitized, or if the carpet and base padding need to be removed and replaced. In most cases, water that has thoroughly soaked the carpet padding will require removal – largely because extraction technologies aren’t able to penetrate that deeply.

Avoiding Mold Growth

In either of the situations listed above, there is a potential for mold growth, especially in areas of the home with variable humidity, such as the basement. That’s why it’s so important that water is completely removed and carpets are sanitized if they can be salvaged. Even if carpets cannot be salvaged, be sure to take precautions with any other areas inside the home that came into contact with water to prevent rot from occurring or mold from growing.

Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland Can Help

People love carpet because it’s soft, looks great, and can be easy to maintain. However, cases of water damage can complicate things. Whether it’s rain intrusion or an overflowing sink, knowing what to do and who to call is key for keeping you and your home healthy. If your carpet floors have experienced water damage and cannot be salvaged, call Floor Coverings International Vancouver/Portland. We can help alleviate the stress of this unfortunate situation by doing the hard work for you. We offer free in-home estimates in the Vancouver WA, Portland OR area, and are with you every step of the process. Call us today!


Photo: © Toa55