shutterstock_305654381While hardwood flooring is undeniably popular, and their value is rarely questioned, one place where you don’t see hardwood flooring as frequently is in the bedroom. While wall-to-wall carpeting is still a great flooring option for bedrooms, as well as any other room you might want them it, we here at Floor Coverings International of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR want to change the bedroom flooring game. Here are 4 excellent reasons to choose hardwood flooring for your bedroom!

  1. Beauty

One of the most obvious reasons to choose hardwood floors is simply that they are one of the most attractive options you can use in your home. Hardwood flooring has that classic, timeless look that will bring elegance and beauty to any room. While carpeting can look nice, it doesn’t pack the same sort of visual punch that a well-chosen hardwood does.

  1. Resale Value

Undeniably, hardwood floors will add monetary resale value to your home above and beyond what you would gain with a flooring option like carpeting. Hardwoods have an eternal appeal that has endured for centuries and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. If you want to flip your house, or simply want to invest in the best, hardwoods are the way to go.

  1. Allergies and Air Quality

If you’re someone who suffers with allergies or asthma, hardwood floors are probably a better bet for your bedroom that carpeting. Carpets trap dust and allergens and synthetic carpets can off-gas VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Hardwoods on the other hand can be easily cleaned and don’t tend to collect the dust, pollen, and particles that stick to other flooring materials.

  1. Durability

There’s no two ways about it, hardwood flooring will last a lot longer than carpet. While a well maintained carpet might last twenty years, hardwood floors can be refinished time and again in order to last a century. If you’re looking towards the long term, look to hardwood.

To learn more about the hardwood flooring options, call Floor Coverings International of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR today!