Year in and year out, there are some tried and true colors that appear often in certain rooms of the home. Interior decorating is always changing and looking for new trends, but it can’t be denied that certain colors pop up again and again being used in the same way. Here is a guide to some of the most popular colors for different rooms of the house.


There isn’t one single color that appears most often in bedroom decorating, but one aspect remains constant – people want to outfit their bedroom with calming, tranquil shades to promote relaxation. Studies show that people with muted or darker shades of blue, green, and grey get more sleep than people with their bedrooms painted other colors. On the other hand, people with bedrooms painted purple reported the least sleep – so you may want to think twice before you paint your bedroom lavender or any other purple shade.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

When it comes to kitchens, warm colors are the most popular. Yellow is a very common kitchen color because it is bright, energizing, and inviting. Especially in the mornings, people want to be able to be preparing their coffee and getting ready for work in a room that promotes energy and feeling more awake.

Of course, blue is the most common color for decorating bathrooms. This could be for one of two reasons – blue is both a tranquil color and the color that fits in best with an ocean or sea-themed decorating scheme. The trend in bathroom color schemes used to be to go heavy on whites and neutrals, but include some blue accents. Nowadays, bathrooms are being decorating much more colorfully and with a more diverse palette of blues. The important thing to remember with bathroom decorating is that more color doesn’t necessarily have to mean that the design is more chaotic. Clever usage of blues and neutrals can make your bathroom more calming and relaxing.

Living Room

In living and family rooms, neutrals are usually the colors of choice. They are the easiest colors to decorate around, and the easiest on the eyes. The use of neutrals in the living room makes sense because neutrals enhance the appearance of the items around them. Most people want some statement furniture and fixtures in their living rooms to pop, so they use neutral shades to make them more noticeable.

However, using mostly neutral paint and decorations to highlight a few vibrant pieces is only one way to style your living room with neutrals. Another way is to outfit your entire living room with neutral shades; this creates a more calming atmosphere, and it can be used to emphasize some elegant hardwood flooring or plush carpet. Contact us with any questions, and to explore their richer shades of flooring products. A deeper shade of flooring is the perfect accent for a neutral-colored living room.

So, here are the most popular decorating colors for some of the most important rooms of the home. Use these to keep your decorating scheme on-trend, or break away from the trends and do something totally different!