The living room is a major gathering point of your home. Such a high-profile room needs flooring that’s both beautiful and durable. Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver is happy to help you create your perfect living room! Keep reading to discover our top flooring recommendations.

Wool Carpet

We all want our home to be welcoming, warm, and cozy. That’s why carpet is such a popular flooring choice. It’s the ideal way to create a welcoming, comfortable space that you’ll love to hang out in. We recommend wool carpeting, because it’s the perfect balance between comfortable and durable. Wool is softer than nylon, polyester, and olefin, while being almost as durable as nylon. For a soft, luxurious, and cozy living room, wool carpeting is the perfect fit.

wool carpeting

Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is an ideal choice for the living room - it’s beautiful, classy, and durable. Hickory hardwood is one of the best options for a busy, spacious room. Not only does hickory hardwood embody the classic beauty of hardwood, but it’s also one of the most durable domestic hardwood species. The Janka Hardness Scale gives hickory a rating of 1820, harder than oak, mahogany, and maple. Hickory tends to be light to medium brown in color. Lighter shades are ideal for creating a space that feels open and uncluttered. The grain of hickory is darker and distinct, adding contrast and visual appeal to every plank.

Hickory offers a lasting value to your home both aesthetically and structurally, all while still being one of the more affordable hardwood options for your home. This makes it an ideal flooring for larger rooms where you might be hesitant to commit to an expensive luxury style.

hickory hardwood flooring

Travertine Tile Flooring

Natural stone flooring could be an unexpected and eye-catching option for your living room. Typically relegated to kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas, natural stone works just as well in living rooms and bedrooms. When choosing a natural stone, we recommend travertine. Travertine tile is versatile, beautiful, and durable. The warm, natural shades of travertine create a warm, welcoming flooring. Matte or polished, travertine is the perfect fit.  Shine a spotlight on this stunning flooring by using it in your living room!

travertine tile flooring

Luxury Vinyl Planks

For a budget-friendly but beautiful flooring, go with luxury vinyl planks. This is the perfect way to achieve the classic beauty of hardwood, but at a much lower price. Luxury vinyl is thicker than regular vinyl, and able to more accurately mimic the texture and appearance of hardwood. This flooring also brings some benefits that hardwood doesn’t have. It’s softer underfoot, creating a more comfortable flooring. Luxury vinyl is more water-resistant than hardwood, and can even be used in bathrooms. It also stays warmer than hardwood for those cold winter days.

luxury vinyl planks

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