shutterstock_50030320We know that there are plenty of free spirited and creative types of people who inhabit Portland, OR. The slogan is Keep Portland Weird, after all! But have you thought about how to apply that unique outlook on life to your floors? Here at Floor Coverings International of Vancouver and Portland, we think that it can be fun to think outside the box when it comes to flooring options, and we try to please even our quirkiest clients! If traditional flooring options like wall to wall carpeting or plain hardwood floors seem a bit too staid and traditional for you, here are the most forward looking and unique flooring options available from Floor Coverings International!


Stamped, Stained, or Painted Concrete Flooring


When most people think of concrete flooring, the first image that comes to mind is the drab gray of unfinished basement floors. But this image is simply underestimating the potential that concrete offers in the realms of creative flooring! Today’s concrete floors are far from simply utilitarian. While you get all of the durability of concrete, you can also express your creative side. Modern concrete paints mean that your concrete floors can range in color from red, to white, and matte to gloss. You can also create fantastic patterns and unique designs with stencils or stamping, ensuring that no one else will have your unique floors. Stained concrete is another great option, creating a bronzed and marbled look that will wow your friends and guests.


Parquet Floors


Originating in the halls of Versailles, parquet floors are made of strips of wood that are arranged in patterns to form a uniquely beautiful floor. Whether you go for a classic parquet de Versailles or traditional chevron pattern, or kick up the creativity with a unique and custom design, parquet floors will be showstoppers in any home.


Rubber Flooring


If you want to think outside the box in terms of floors for a room like your kitchen, rubber flooring is an excellent unique flooring choice. Traditionally used in gyms or playrooms, rubber is soft and springy underfoot, so it’s great for standing on for long periods of time, like while cooking. Rubber flooring is durable and low maintenance and provides a fresh and modern look for those who eschew the traditional.


Slate Tile Flooring


Natural stone flooring is excellent for those with a flair for the dramatic, but it can be a pricier option. Slate is the least expensive of all the natural stone flooring options, and features a beautiful and distinctive look that will be gorgeous and unique. Because slate is a natural stone, it rarely features a uniform appearance, with the color of the slate being dependent upon the mineral composition of the soil in which it was formed. You can treat your friends to a geology lesson while they admire your floors if you choose slate!


Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring


If you’re all about going green, but still want unique hardwoods, reclaimed hardwood flooring will give your home an instant shot of character and class, while saving trees from being cut down, and beautiful wood from being scrapped. Reclaimed hardwood flooring can have a weathered and worn look that only years of use can provide, and many retailers of reclaimed wood can give you the fascinating histories of their products.


Whichever option you choose, Floor Coverings International of Vancouver and Portland has you covered for all of your unique flooring needs.


Photo: Silver Spiral Arts