shutterstock_285407510With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get your outdoor spaces ready for the sunny season. This doesn’t have to mean giving your deck a beach theme or decorating with driftwood (though you can certainly do that if you want!). Floor Coverings International of Vancouver, WA, offers some simple ways to spruce up your house in order to make the most of the warm weather.


Create an Outdoor Meal Space

Dining al fresco is a distinctly summery experience, and there’s no reason you can’t do so at home all summer! If you have a deck, invest in some outdoor furniture such as a weather resistant table and chairs. Set up an umbrella for shade, and serve your meals on reusable plastic plates and cutlery; this will make for easier cleaning and you won’t have to risk your good quality silverware by taking it in and out doors. Decorate your outdoor dining are with fresh flowers and bright colors. For food ideas, try out salads and scampi’s, served with chilled white wine for a traditional al fresco feel.

Wash Your Patio Furniture

Whether it’s an outdoor dining space or not, if you have an outdoor space with patio furniture, it will probably need a wash after a long winter. Enter summer with a spic and span outdoor space that will wow your guests and which you’ll want to spend time in. To wash most patio furniture you can create a solution of dish soap, Borax, and water that can be dispensed from a spray bottle onto your patio cushions. When you’ve covered them with the solution, scrub the surface and rinse with a hose. After they’ve dried, spray them with fabric protectant and you’ll enter summer with spotless surfaces.

Invest in Sun Shades

Whether you’re getting a heavy duty out door sun shade for your deck, or insulated indoor curtains for your windows, sun shades are a failsafe way to prepare for the downsides of summer. While there are other upsides to sun shades, such as increased privacy, the biggest positives are temperature control and glare control. While right now, just coming off the tail end of winter, we can’t wait for summer to get here, by mid-August the constant heat and brightness will have gotten old. This is when you’ll be glad that you invested in sun shades. With these tips you can put your best foot forward this summer, with an ideal outdoor space to take advantage of the nice weather.


Photo: Ozgur Coskun