shutterstock_189330758While Easter may have passed, it’s not too late to freshen up your home and shake off the last doldrums of winter. While the weather is finally beginning to turn towards the balmy promise of summer, it’s refreshing to have your interiors reflect this change in season as well. There are plenty of small and subtle ways to spruce up your rooms, here a couple tips.
Think Pastels and Brights 

Spring is all about new growth and the return of light and warmth. What better way to represent this than through color? Change your curtains from the heavy hues of winter to pale lavender or a fresh, spring green. Try to avoid grays and beiges, or anything overly dark and rich. The colors of spring should be celebratory. If you’re daring you might go for a splash of hot pink or a bright orange, but even a more subdued soul can pull off the softer spring tones. Throw some pale pink throw pillows out or repurpose a piece of furniture by painting it white. There are sufficient colors to match any preexisting décor, as long as you keep in mind the colors of spring and Easter.

Fresh Flowers 

Now that the daffodils have finally begun to bloom, you can begin to keep an eye out for posies in want of picking. Not only will they provide pops of color and bring the outside in, having fresh cut flowers around will make your home smell heavenly. Have a vase of flowers set on your dining table, or put some in the foyer. When the flowers begin to die make sure to dry them. That way you can create sachets for your sock drawer or press them inside the pages of your favorite book.

Spring Cleaning 

While hardly the most enjoyable of these suggestions, a good and thorough spring cleaning is an undeniable rejuvenator for your home. The feeling of a spotless house is a perfect accompaniment to the feelings of rebirth and new possibility that are inherent to this season. Clearing out the cobwebs and leaving your home dust-free and polished are surefire ways to start the rest of the year on good footing.


Photo: Kachergina