6 Trending Tile Looks & Styles of 2017

Why stay in the past when the future looks so bright? If you’re ready to re-tile your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in your home, Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver can help! These tile looks can take your home’s décor to new levels. Check out these six tile styles and ideas trending in 2017.... Read more »

Choosing Between Bamboo and Hardwood Flooring

Bamboo is often touted as an excellent alternative to hardwood, but many homeowners struggle to tell the difference. Not sure which option is right for your Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR home? Read on to learn about the differences between hardwood and bamboo. Cost Many homeowners choose bamboo simply because they cannot afford hardwood. Bamboo offers... Read more »

Transform Your Attic Into a Cozy Getaway

The attic is a forgotten space in many Vancouver and Portland homes. It’s an area where seasonal decorations are stored and infrequently used tools are left. On the one hand this is understandable. By definition, an attic is located right below the roof of a home. The low slanted ceilings and unusual shape of most... Read more »

Interview with Vancouver's Today's Creative Life

At Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver, we love to bring you creative insight and perspectives from some of the Internet’s most influential bloggers. Our latest interview features Vancouver-based DIY and design blogger Kim of Today’s Creative Life. You can follow Kim on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. Please tell us a little about yourself.... Read more »

Best Hardwood Flooring Options For Families With Kids

It's no secret that kids can be hard on the home. This is especially true for certain types of flooring, which may be quickly damaged by anything from heavy traffic to food spills. Whether your kids are well behaved or have destructive tendencies, it is in your best interests to select a durable type of... Read more »

Interview with Kelley of The Polished Pebble

Here at Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver, we are privileged to interview some of America’s leading designers and bloggers as part of our Designer Influencer Interview Series. Our goal is to give our readers valuable advice they can apply to their own lives and homes. In our latest interview, we are pleased to introduce Kelley... Read more »

The Revival of Patterned Flooring

Flooring is not something you think of as having a cult following, especially when its main purpose is sometimes to link airport terminals and be trod on every day by millions of travelers pulling overstuffed luggage wheelies. However, the unique geometrically patterned carpet at PDX airport in Portland, Oregon–a design that's said to represent the... Read more »

Wood Flooring - Infographic

At Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver we LOVE wood flooring, and we think it's super interesting too! It's unlikely that most people are as interested in wood flooring as we are, but that might just be because they don't know enough about it. We're going to try to change that. Here is a quick and fun infographic that... Read more »

3 Secrets to Sparkling Clean Tile Flooring

Tile floors are a gorgeous addition to any kitchen or bathroom, but keeping them sparkling clean can be a challenge. The local flooring experts here at Floor Coverings International of Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR, though, are here to help! In our decades of experience with flooring, we’ve learned more than a few tricks to... Read more »

Meet the Kitchen Backsplash

If you’re looking for a manageable renovation project that can completely reinvent the look of your kitchen, it might be time to consider adding a backsplash. At Floor Coverings International of Vancouver Wa & Portland, OR, we love the way a backsplash adds as much functionality to a space as it does style, so this... Read more »

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