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If you’re looking for a manageable renovation project that can completely reinvent the look of your kitchen, it might be time to consider adding a backsplash. At Floor Coverings International of Vancouver Wa & Portland, OR, we love the way a backsplash adds as much functionality to a space as it does style, so this month, we’re highlighting three of our favorite backsplash looks.

What’s a backsplash?

If the term “backsplash” is new to you, don’t worry—you’ve seen this design feature before, even if you didn’t know its name. Backsplashes are panels traditionally added behind the sink or stove that help prevent stains from kitchen splashes. Since the goal of a backsplash is to simplify cleaning, they’re often made of tile or other easy to clean surfaces like metal. We’ve listed some of our favorite backsplash options below—read on to find out what tile looks combine form and function to keep your kitchen clean with style.

Subway tile backsplashes—The underground of New York City inspires these beautiful backsplashes that have graced American homes since the subway's debut in the early 1900’s. Originally, subway tile backsplashes were made of the same 3x6 white rectangles of their namesake, but as styles have evolved, “subway tile” now tends to refer to different sizes and colors of rectangular tiles that are reminiscent of their Manhattan origin. Subway tiles are a great design fit for anyone looking to add the romance of the world’s greatest city to their home.

Mosaic tile backsplashes—Mosaic tiles, as seen in the photo above, are small squares of tile, usually in varying colors and made of porcelain, ceramic, or glass. These tiles get their name from mosaic artwork, which traditionally used a variety of materials to craft a beautiful image. Mosaic tile backsplashes add a timeless look and a pop of color to any home. 

Mixed material backsplashes—Mixed material backsplashes, as their name implies, combine different types of materials to form their look. Some classic examples of mixed material backsplashes are fusing metal and tile or glass and tile to create a backsplash all your own. Mixed material backsplashes are a perfect fit for anyone with eclectic style or those who prefer to infuse their own aesthetic sense into their home by creating never-before-seen patterns. 

Whatever design your family prefers, there’s a backsplash option for you, and your Floor Coverings International team of Vancouver wants to help you find it. Call us today to schedule a free, in-home, consultation, and let us help you discover the perfect backsplash for your family!

Photo Credit: Elena Elisseeva