shutterstock_108936785Here in Vancouver and Portland, we’re used to the typical Pacific Northwest weather. While it may be a sunny July right now, most of the year is spent in perpetual drizzle. The sort of weather Vancouver most often sees is the sort of weather that makes you want to curl up and get cozy. Nothing is better for this sort of mood than a nice soft carpet. But what sort of carpet is best? There are two main carpet pile types, loop pile and cut pile, and Floor Coverings International is here to help explain the difference.


What is Carpet Pile?


Carpet pile is the part of the carpet that you come into contact with. Sometimes called the ‘face’ or the ‘nap’ of the carpet, pile is the outward/upward facing part of the carpet. Made up of fibers in tufts, loops, or strands, the pile of a carpet is its most defining characteristic. Carpets with longer piles like shag carpets will be fluffier and plusher, perfect for cozying up against the Portland rain. Carpets with shorter piles, such as sisal, will be more durable and are often used in commercial spaces, as they stand up better to the wear and tear of high traffic.


Loop Pile Carpet


Loop pile carpet is constructed, as the name implies, by loops of yarn constructed tightly and closely together so the loops stand and form a level surface for the carpet. In the context of woven carpets, loop pile is often referred to as ‘round wire’. When a carpet maker wants to create textured patterns they can use varying heights of loop pile to construct the design. Loop pile carpet is often used in commercial spaces or high traffic areas as it is very versatile. Loop pile carpets like berber are great low maintenance, long lasting carpet options for places like an office. Some things to keep in mind are that if the loops on a loop pile carpet get caught and pulled, they can unravel the carpet. This means that loop pile carpet is not ideal for pets with long claws that could catch and snag the loops. This also means that you have to be careful dragging things over the carpet in order to avoid unraveling it.


Cut Pile Carpet


Cut pile carpet is the other main carpet style. Most residential homes use cut pile carpet as it tends to be softer and more plush, although less resilient, than loop pile carpet. Cut pile carpet starts out as loop pile, but then the loops are cut, once again as the name implies. Cut pile can have a tendency to blossom, which is when the cut ends begin to unravel, and this can make the carpet look aged and frayed. Cut pile carpet also comes in a variety of lengths, which determine the plushness of the carpet. Whether you choose a durable loop pile, or a soft cut pile carpet, we hope you choose Floor Coverings International of Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR to help you install it.


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