One design dilemma we often encounter with homeowners is finding a way to make small spaces appear and feel larger. Whether it's a small bedroom or cramped hallway, Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver understands the frustration of tight spaces and want to help you feel happier in your home. Let's take a look at a few of the ways you can open up your home with strategic flooring and color choices.

Light Hardwood Flooring Vancouver PorlandLighten Up!

If you own your own home, there are many ways for you to make the most of how spacious or open it feels. Light colors such as pastels, beiges, and grays have an expanding effect in small spaces and can make your home seem larger than it is. This goes for flooring, too. Dark hardwoods or carpet can visually cramp your space and you might want to consider something new. Opt for sandy browns, cool grays, or even white-washed stains. Furthermore, having a lot of flooring transitions can make your home feel segmented or choppy. We recommend using uniform flooring styles for adjacent rooms to make the space flow. Wide planks or large format tiles will have fewer seams to break up the overall look of your floor and enhance the open feeling of the room.

Bit By Bit

You may not be in the place for a full flooring overhaul, but there are still options available. Using area rugs that are light, but not too bright in color helps to keep the space feel larger. Really bold pieces are fun, but can take over the space visually and distract from the other elements. Consider a textured neutral carpet to add a dynamic accent, but keep it simple with a classic design or color.

As a rule of thumb, area rugs should not cover the entire area. The placement will depend on weather you're using it in a bedroom, living room, or dining room, but you want to still be able to see some of the original flooring beneath. A color contrast is a great way to add some personality and highlight the lighter color of your rug.

Decorate Wisely

Your final touch will be the furniture and accents you use. In small spaces, it's important not to clutter. Bring in only the essentials and leave plenty of room to walk around. Efficient staple pieces will make your home feel more mature as well as visually clean. Multipurpose furniture, such as coffee tables with storage can leave you with more valuable floor space. Use decorative mirrors in areas where they can reflect light from windows to brighten and open everything up.

Get started with new floors or a custom carpet from Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver. We proudly serve the greater Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas. Give us a call and schedule a free in-home design consultation! We'll bring the floor right to you so we can take a look at your small spaces and suggest the best possible flooring for you! Contact us today!



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