Family Friendly Carpet Options “Can I have a third serving of dessert?” “Is it okay to use the couch cushions to build a fortress in the middle of the street?” Every day, parents in the Vancouver WA, Portland OR area have to say “No” to all sorts of requests from their kids. And while “No” may be a necessary part of parenting, we think that when it comes to the blogs you read, you shouldn’t always be berated by an endless series of cautions, warnings, and things to avoid.


So today, our goal is to keep the mood a little lighter. You may already know that carpet is a great choice for kids’ rooms because it’s cozy, reduces noise, and looks great – but there are some other benefits you should know about, too! From the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver to you, here are some friendly affirmations, carpet celebrations, and upbeat observations.


  1. It was really smart of you to go for the cut-pile carpet.

As cute as the Berber carpet looks, you must have known that loop-pile carpets aren’t great for kids’ rooms: eventually, a toy will snag on one of the loops and cause it to unravel. Not only would that have looked crummy, the unraveling carpet would be costly to repair.



  1. Oh, you put in carpet squares? Now that’s thinking ahead.

Being the prudent parent that you are, of course you were aware that carpet squares would be the economical, efficient solution for your child’s room. Carpet squares are obviously perfect for a room that gets heavy use, because if disaster does strike, you can simply swap out the affected square, saving on time and money.

  1. Nice! You totally chose the most stain and dirt resistant type of fiber.

Has anyone ever told you how good you are at this parenting thing? As gorgeous as the natural fibers are, you were clearly thinking about more than looks. Wool is a great choice for carpeting in kids’ rooms because it’s hypoallergenic, it insulates well, and it’s even fire resistant! Maybe you also knew that polyester would be a good choice, since it’s economical and comfy.

But just in case…


  1. That multi-colored carpet is doing a GREAT job of hiding stains and dirt.

No matter how careful you are, eventually a cup gets dropped or someone tracks a little dirt into his or her room after playtime. With that inevitability in mind, it goes without saying that a marbled or flecked-color design will conceal a mess much better than white or solid colors.


Can the design and flooring experts at Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver find the perfect carpet for any room in your home?


Let’s just say, we’re positive.


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