hardwood floors vancouverWith the proper care and maintenance, hardwood floors are a long-term investment that can significantly increase the value of your Vancouver home. However, ensuring the longevity of this investment requires proper planning and care to keep the wood from becoming dull or damaged. We’ve created a guide of a few simple steps you can take to both prevent damage to new floors and rejuvenate already worn-down hardwoods.


The best way to keep your hardwoods looking lustrous is to avoid the most common hazards that can harm the wood.

Avoid Water

It may seem counterintuitive, but water should never be used to clean your wood floors. This includes mops and steam cleaners, which can warp the wood and dull the finish. Any spills and messes should be cleaned immediately to avoid long term damage. The best way to clean a wood floor is by using a soft bristle broom or a dry mop regularly.

Pad Heavy Furniture

One of the most common ways hardwood floors get damaged is by furniture scraping the surface when it shifts or gets moved. The best way to prevent these scratches is by placing felt pads on bottom of all furniture legs so that scooting your chair in for dinner won’t cause permanent damage to the floor. Additionally, when rearranging heavy furniture such as couches or chests, they should always be picked up rather than pushed to prevent accidental gouging of the wood.

Protect High-Traffic Areas

Entryways tend to show the most damage on wood floors due to the high level of foot traffic they receive and the amount of water and debris that gets tracked in from this traffic. The best way to avoid noticeable wear and tear is to put an area rug in the places where there is the highest risk of damage. Area rugs serve a trifold function; prevent damage, hide existing damage, and create an interesting pop of color and texture in a room.

Maintenance and Repair

Even with the most stringent prevention techniques, the passing years will inevitably take a toll on the shine of your hardwoods. Luckily, this is a relatively easy and cost-effective problem to fix, and we’ll explain how.

Dirt and grime can make the wood look duller, but a common mistake would be to apply more finish. This is entirely unnecessary and would likely result in more buildup that reduces the shine. The best way to clean dirty hardwoods is by using a hardwood-specific flooring cleaner. The experts at Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver can recommend a professional quality cleaner that is best for your floors.

Depending on the level of wear and tear, it is recommended that a maintenance coat of finish be applied to rejuvenate the wood that has had significant scuffing. The timing of this is entirely dependent on the level of damage prevention that has been implemented and the quality of the finish.

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