Each flooring style you might consider for your home will be distinct in its own way and have a unique set of pros and cons. As we know, some flooring materials are simply less durable than others, such as carpet, wood, or cork.

However, that’s no reason to avoid them completely! With a few simple precautions, it’s easy to have comfortable, visually appealing flooring that stays looking new. Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver has provided tips and tricks to protect the flooring in your home.

Softwood Flooringpine flooring

Softwood holds a negative connotation that it won’t be as durable as popular wood floors, but the reality is that they can be quite comparable choices. With proper finishing, your softwood floors can resist scratches for years to come.

These woods are visually appealing and often less expensive than hardwood. Pine is one of the most common softwood choices for flooring. Fir and spruce are also common choices with distinct, natural beauty.

To avoid scratches, take care when moving furniture. Apply padding to the legs of tables and chairs. Tracked-in debris, such as sharp gravel, can cause scratches on your floors so be sure to sweep and clean regularly. Lastly, softwood is often sensitive to moisture so deal with spills immediately and we don’t recommend it for bathrooms, utility rooms, or below-grade rooms. For added protection, opt for a water-resistant finish.


Cork Flooring

Cork is a soft, comfortable flooring made from the bark of cork oak trees. However, the softness that makes cork so pleasant underfoot also puts it at risk for damage. To avoid permanently denting your cork, be very careful with heavy furniture and sharp objects.

Cork flooring will compress but spring back up under weight, but this also means that extended, pinpoint weight - such as the legs of a bed or other heavy furniture - may cause the floor to permanently deform. Choose furniture that distributes weight evenly, or put area rugs underneath to help absorb the pressure.

Cork flooring typically comes with a waterproof wax finish, but care should still be taken with spills. The finish needs to be reapplied annually for maximum protection. Without a finish, cork floors have their natural, porous surface exposed, which can be gouged by furniture, dropped objects, or ungroomed pet nails.

cork flooring


Some carpeting materials and styles, such as nylon and frieze, are extremely durable. Others are a bit more delicate - such as a wool berber carpet. All carpet can benefit from a few simple tips, so there’s no reason to avoid a soft wool carpet or stylish Berber.

As we’ve mentioned before, simply clean spills immediately to prevent staining. Especially with carpet, it’s important to not place carpet in damp areas to avoid the growth of mildew or mold. Some carpet styles, such as Berber, have loops of varying sizes. Pet nails can snag in these loops and cause tears that need to be repaired. Keep pet’s nails trimmed to avoid this. Vacuum regularly to avoid dirt and debris being ground into the carpet. This prevents discoloration and stains. If you take proper care of your carpets, they will remain soft and cozy for many years.

carpet flooring

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