White Subway Tile in Vancouver Kitchen Backsplash

Subway tile has been a popular design option in Vancouver homes for many years, but has recently become a trendy and even more popular tile option in home design within the last few years. Hailing from the tunnels of New York City, subway tiles are uniquely rectangular and perfect for homeowners looking to add some originality and character and visual appeal to their home design. Our experts at Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver have put together this list to help you get started in creating your dream space using subway tile.

Choose the Right Subway Tile and Grout Combination

With so many different colors, patterns, and dimensions available, your options are endless. Subway tiles can be used to match your existing home aesthetic or create an entirely new one. Want to create a warm and homey feel in your kitchen? Try yellow subway tiles fixed with white grout for your kitchen backsplash. Going for a more minimal look? Sleek white tiles with black grout create a simple and very clean finish.

Decide Which Subway Tile Lay Style is Perfect for Your Vancouver Home

In NYC tunnels, subway tiles are laid to resemble bricks. While this lay style is classic, there are some unique variants that can really make a difference in your overall home design. Vertical brick, slanted brick, stacked, herringbone, and geometric patterns are just a few of our favorite tile patterns. Installing subway tiles, especially on vertical walls, is a bit more tricky than installing other tiles, so it is important to get them professionally installed. Green Subway Tile in Vancouver bathroomsOur friendly experts at Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver will make sure the end product comes out exactly how you want it.

Consider some Accent Tiles in Your Project Design

After choosing your tiles, grout, and lay style, you may want to consider including some accent tiles. Adding a few colored tiles to a wall of white tiles or vice versa is a great way to tie in existing décor and bring dimension to your project.

Get Started Today

To learn more about subway tile’s design options, get a quote, or to begin mapping out your next home project, sign up for a FREE in-home consultation with one of our flooring experts.

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