hardwood flooring for kids in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

It's no secret that kids can be hard on the home. This is especially true for certain types of flooring, which may be quickly damaged by anything from heavy traffic to food spills. Whether your kids are well behaved or have destructive tendencies, it is in your best interests to select a durable type of hardwood flooring that will withstand their many adventures. Consider opting for one of the following tried and tested hardwood floors for your Vancouver, Washington, or Portland, Oregon, home.


One of the hardest domestic wood options, hickory is favored for its beautiful coloring as well as its natural durability. Like many durable hardwood options, hickory has an appealing light hue, which can lend an airy and welcoming feel to any room.

Brazilian Walnut

American walnut is easily damaged and thus best avoided in homes with children or pets. Brazilian walnut, however, is a wonderful alternative. This exotic wood rarely needs to be treated, making it the perfect choice for families with little time or desire to focus on flooring maintenance. Resistant to both pests and moisture, it is surprisingly difficult to damage. Your kids will actually have to put in some effort if they want to destroy your Brazilian walnut flooring.

Brazilian Cherry

Another durable and popular Brazilian hardwood, Brazilian cherry is a great option for anyone who desires both resilience and the sophistication of a darker color. Keep in mind it has a natural reddish hue that darkens and gets richer over time.


Maple provides a nice combination of affordability and durability, although the lower, more affordable grades tend to be a bit less durable. It is one of the hardest domestic woods, but not quite as hard as hickory. However, many Vancouver and Portland homeowners prefer maple's appearance to that of hickory, so they are willing to select the less durable option.

Red & White Oak

Oak flooring is not quite as durable as the options mentioned above, but it is nonetheless an excellent option for homes with kids and high levels of traffic. The durability of oak should be evident if you visit early 1900s homes with oak floors, which were all the rage near the turn of the century. Many homes built during this era still have their original flooring, and while occasional dents and scratches can be found, oak flooring continues to look stunning after a century of use. Both red and white oak have relatively high hardness ratings, but white oak is a bit harder and more stable. Red oak is used more frequently in homes, however, in part because it has such an attractive color.

There is no one hardwood flooring solution that will work best in every home with children. As you make this important decision, you'll need to think carefully about your style and color preferences, as well as the wear and tear you anticipate your floors experiencing. To enlist the help of your local experts in making this choice, call Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver and schedule a free estimate. By choosing carefully, you can ensure a long future of beautiful wood floors in your home.


Photo: © kibler