bathroom tile ideas Vancouver & PortlandWhy stay in the past when the future looks so bright? If you’re ready to re-tile your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in your home, Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver can help! These tile looks can take your home’s décor to new levels. Check out these six tile styles and ideas trending in 2017.

1. Wood-Look Tiles

Tiles that look like wood? You bet! Tiles that are printed with wood grain patterns are set to be on-trend in 2017. Tiles that mimic the look of real hardwood are now available in materials like ceramic and porcelain, and this allows homeowners to achieve a real hardwood look in moisture-prone areas that would otherwise not be conducive to solid hardwood flooring.

2. Planks

Long, thin tiles are also trending right now and will likely continue to do so through 2017. Tile “planks” allow for a unique look in tile flooring that offers a compelling alternative to traditional squares. Choose from a variety of styles, materials, and patterns for a customized look that suits your Vancouver or Portland home.

3. Metallic Tiles

You can also choose from a variety of metal tile looks for use on floors, walls, and backsplashes. Some metallic tiles are made from actual metal, while others are printed using the same process that’s used for printing wood and stone-imitation tiles. Metal offers an elegant alternative to many of the traditional choices. It is also available in a dazzling range of finishes, from highly polished or wire brushed to artfully tarnished and weathered.

4. Fabric-Inspired Surfaces

For a unique and truly tactile effect, tiles with surfaces that resemble fabric are on the market. From silk and linen to looks that feature loose weave patterns, tile surfaces that convey a fabric appearance add a new dimension to home flooring. While there are tile options that have actual fabric embedded within the tile and sealed with lacquer, porcelain and ceramic tiles are also being printed to resemble fabric.

5. Glass Tiles

One of the more eco-friendly flooring trends of 2017 is tiles made from recycled glass. Glass tiles bring a sheen and luster to any room and can really brighten up the space. Consider using glass tiles to create an accent wall or use them as a room’s vibrant foundation.

6. Cement-Imitation Tile

Another unexpected but highly compelling tile trend conveys the look of cement. Again, these are printed tiles, but are far from bland and boring. Cement-look tiles are purposely edgy and industrial, and they offer a highly modern look. These tiles look great when contrasting contemporary appliances and refined furnishings.

Tile designs have come a long way from plain porcelain and ceramic surfaces. Consider incorporating some of these less traditional tile ideas into your next home remodeling project. Contact Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver today to schedule a free in-home design consultation!


Photo: © Artazum