Selecting flooring for the home takes a lot of decision-making. Even if you know you want carpet in most rooms, you still have to decide on the color and style. The flooring team here at Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver understands what factors are most important when it comes to selecting carpet for your home. These tips can help you figure out the best ways to use carpet in your home. You’ll love the feel of the end result.


Setting down bare feet on a cold winter morning becomes the perfect justification for carpet in the bedroom. More than anywhere else in the house, members of the family will walk around the bedroom without shoes or socks. This creates many opportunities for the perfect carpet. You don’t have to worry too much about dirt or food, so you can select something with a more plush feel. You also don’t have much of an issue with heavy foot traffic. Just choose a style that suits the bedroom aesthetic and feels great on the feet.

Living Areas and Playrooms

Areas that get a lot more walking take some extra care. The best flooring depends on your use. Go into your living room, family room or playroom. Do you imagine the family sitting on the floor to play a game or watch a movie? Will people be eating food in here? How much running around do you expect on a regular day? Carpet could an excellent way to muffle loud footfalls and provide a bit more grip for young children. You may want to opt for a style with a shorter pile or tighter loops, to make for faster upkeep.

Home Office

Got a guest room that doubles as a home office? The right flooring goes a long way to improving productivity and contentment. Shorter loops of a consistent height are quicker to clean and allow you to roll the office chair with ease. The best part is that with the right kind of level loop carpet, you can get rid of that noisy plastic mat.

Stylish Rugs

Some people want the simple maintenance of a hard floor, but they crave the way carpet adds interest and comfort to the room. The good news is that you can have both. Plenty of homeowners decide to install flooring like hardwood, and then select a piece of carpet to turn into a rug or mat. Choosing your own means that you can get exactly the style and size that you need. You might want something like a patterned loop or a cut-and-loop design, to attract the eye and feel so comfortable underfoot.

Carpet offers a kind of aesthetic that you just can’t get with any other flooring. You can put it in these rooms for extra comfort and style, without compromising on your use of the space. Get carpet in your home with help from the team here at Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver. We carry an endless variety of styles to complement your needs, your lifestyle and your personality! Call us today!


Photo credit: © Artazum