4 Ways to Use Carpet in the Home

Selecting flooring for the home takes a lot of decision-making. Even if you know you want carpet in most rooms, you still have to decide on the color and style. The flooring team here at Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver understands what factors are most important when it comes to selecting carpet for your home.... Read more »

How to Properly Maintain Hardwood

With the proper care and maintenance, hardwood floors are a long-term investment that can significantly increase the value of your Vancouver home. However, ensuring the longevity of this investment requires proper planning and care to keep the wood from becoming dull or damaged. We’ve created a guide of a few simple steps you can take... Read more »

Light Flooring Styles to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

One design dilemma we often encounter with homeowners is finding a way to make small spaces appear and feel larger. Whether it's a small bedroom or cramped hallway, Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver understands the frustration of tight spaces and want to help you feel happier in your home. Let's take a look at a few... Read more »

Trendy Flooring Styles for Your Bedroom

As you look to update your bedroom space, you may be looking to install new flooring. New flooring can transform the mood and look of the space, based on the type of flooring you select. Solid colored carpet and wood are two flooring materials that are commonly found in the bedroom. But if you are... Read more »

The Perfect Living Room Flooring for Your Portland Home

The living room is a major gathering point of your home. Such a high-profile room needs flooring that’s both beautiful and durable. Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver is happy to help you create your perfect living room! Keep reading to discover our top flooring recommendations. Wool Carpet We all want our home to be welcoming,... Read more »

Natural Stone Tiles 101

Few things make a room feel more luxurious and elegant than natural stone tile flooring. There is just something about the rich, natural colors, the texture, and unique look that gives a room that air of sophistication. There are a wide range of styles, colors, and styles available to fit all tastes and décor, but... Read more »

Add Color to Your Home With These Flooring Ideas

Many homeowners shy away from colorful flooring, choosing to stick with neutral options. Neutral is a safe choice, and there are a lot of design mistakes to be made when daring to go colorful. That’s no reason to avoid it completely, however! Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver has listed a few of our favorite stylish... Read more »

Getting Creative with Subway Tile

Subway tile has been a popular design option in Vancouver homes for many years, but has recently become a trendy and even more popular tile option in home design within the last few years. Hailing from the tunnels of New York City, subway tiles are uniquely rectangular and perfect for homeowners looking to add some... Read more »

How To Keep Your Floors Damage-Free

Each flooring style you might consider for your home will be distinct in its own way and have a unique set of pros and cons. As we know, some flooring materials are simply less durable than others, such as carpet, wood, or cork. However, that’s no reason to avoid them completely! With a few simple... Read more »

Infographic: 3 Steps to Clean Vinyl

While vinyl is an extremely resilient material that doesn’t require a great deal of upkeep, it is still helpful to know how to properly clean your flooring. Through regular maintenance, your vinyl floors will last for years to come. Follow along with this infographic, and then give Floor Coverings International® of Vancouver a call. We... Read more »

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