Subject: Floor Coverings Int ... very frustrated and not happy! Dear Management team: We started this 3 phased project in August 2016 with Floor Coverings Int. and this project consisted of repairing a stone floor, replacing carpet and repairing a hardwood kitchen floor that also needed to have a step added. One of the 3 projects, the carpet was done without complications and without bringing our other contractors in to finish the project. Mike the person contracted with Floor Coverings Int. worked on fixing the hardwood (not applying the finish) and stone project. Mike completed the repair of the hardwood but when it came to the stone he tried to match the color of the concrete that held the stones together, this was a disaster, and I had to step in and finish the project. Toby even admitted this stone project should not have been bid out, but it was! When it came to finishing the hardwood floors we had new cabinets installed and the cabinet person did not connect the plumbing correctly, and there was a small leak, so the finish for the hardwood floors had to be postponed till a small portion the floors were dry enough to start with adding the finish. We started working with Roman hired by Toby. Roman sent to guys, who after finishing the floor left round scratches in the whole floor. So we were on to Zach (hired by Roman) who came and tried to talk me into a dull finish because when the truth came out he didn't have the right finish with him. So he had to come back. Now are on the third time, another we are going through this we are following instructions to a T, not walking on the floor. We couldn't use our kitchen, dinning room, or living room for over 5+weeks. The hardwood portion has cost us $4,041,(total project $6,864.28) and precious time. The 3rd time there over 12 hairs, yes I said hairs in the finish and spots that were not covered with finish, so now we are on the 4th time and after staying off the floor for 2 weeks and slippers only the floor scratches and looks horrible, and after 2 independent floor finish companies looking at the floor both agree that inferior product was used, there are bubbles in the finish and the sanding in uneven...the original floor was fantastic and lovely, it was a 20+ year floor that when I showed a picture of it to Zach and Roman Zach said it was crap..through Romans interpretation. How disrespectful. I am very upset and dissatisfied with the outcome of the floor. I have tried to schedule a meeting with Toby and he cancelled, I have asked for another apt and have not heard back. I want the floor back to where it was before this painful experience and I do not want Roman back, I want my hardwood person to do the work and a refund! We worked with Stan to begin with, then Toby (out of Vancouver WA,)took over because Stan's father passed away. Stan was very nice. Constance Grecco Portland, Oregon
Constance Grecco
High quality, great customer service
Wissall Sabha
variety of samples, knowledgeable salesperson
Carol Christiansen
I liked the product chosen and the installation was great.
Victoria Newell
Did a great job, very professional.
Dan Eberhardt
Moor flooring product avabblety!!
Sylvia Dodge
Floor is beautiful. Installation was fast and clean
Victoria Michael
All the service they provided were excellent! Nancy, the sales rep was friendly and knowledgeable and gave us good advice, because of her we decided to use FCI. All the workers, Carlos, Jason and Keir, came on time and worked really hard and very nice.The floor guy, Keir's job was excellent, beyond our expectations. It's hard to please my husband but he was extremely happy with his work! Also, the product was great!
Kasumi Sato
Unforeseen difficulties have slowed our project, otherwise a higher rating would easily have been earned ! We have already recommended Nancy, our salesperson, to everyone we have talked to !
Karen Stangel
Stan was wonderful at giving us an estimate and evaluatin what we would need. He was very helpful and always returned my phone calls. He truly what's to make sure you are a satisfied costumer from day one until the end of the job. The men doing the work were great. They knew what they were doing and were quick and good at removing the old tile and fixing any problems. They did a wonderful job of laying the hardwood.
Cindy Walker